About Us

It started with a simple idea to join our writings in one space, using our unique voices to express the parts of the journey of life we were on. The journey isn’t always happy. Along the way we have encountered doubt, fear, cynicism, and anger. We’ve fallen in and out of love with our Faith, and still walk a tad aimlessly trying to cobble together something that resembles that which was talked and taught about some 2000 years ago. And we still don’t get it right. But often, in the midst of the doubting, and anger, we find peace and joy, and when we feel we’ve reached the end of ourselves, we find Hope.

So bear with us, for as Ian Maclaren once said, “…everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” and this is our space where we can hack it out, letter by letter, word by word, and line by line.

Corinne & Amy



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