This one is for the girls…

Hello Church, My name is Dr Amy, (::Hello Dr Amy::)  and I’m a emasculating, heathen, female physician who will be a poor mother and wife and is the reason why the family is falling apart….

I am a failure of the Christian worldview which somehow did not teach me that my life calling was to be a stay home mother, that to become educated and employed was to steal such an option from a man.  (in reference to an actual article a friend came across out of The Vision Forum on facebook).

(Frankly I would love it if there were a LINE of godly men who wanted to give their lives to children without access to health care, we are so desperate for few workers in our massive field…but believe me there are NOT)

But I am not alone….as a radical feminist emasculating heathen…who yes loves Jesus.

I stand with women from across the millennium. Women with vision. Women with callings. Godly Women.

Esther, Sarah, Ruth, Mary, Martha, Lydia, Phoebe, Deborah…..

We need Biblical womanhood…..

Half of you just made a face….and you probably thought that I just made a statement equivalent of quitting my job, marrying a nice pastor with short hair who I will submit to and have many small children with whom I will home-school and dress in matching denim outfits with hair-bows.

Nope.  That would be if I said WE NEED American Evangelical Christian Housewives….


(I will keep reposting these two paragraphs until all the godly women in the church are allowed to live out their god given callings…)

The women that bible speaks most highly of look NOTHING like American housewives: Tamar fought domestic violence, Sarah became the mother of an entire nation/people group, Deborah was a judge and a warrior, Esther was a shrewd politician and a queen, Ruth was a caregiver and the sole  breadwinner (no pun intended) for an elderly relative (she also went and lay in a man’s bed who she was in love with to tell him her feelings for him..),  Rahab was a prostitute who descendant was Jesus,  Elizabeth proved the impossible, Mary gave birth to a child outside of marriage in a culture that would stone her for it and fled her homeland as a refugee to save the child life… that CHILD SAVED THE WORLD, Joanna and Susanna ministered to Jesus, Mary (sister of Martha) listened and discussed theology with Jesus,  Mary Magdalene was a prostitute whose enduring story teaches us about grace and who also was among the only followers who were fearless enough to go to Christ’s tomb after his death, Priscilla made tents, was one of the first missionaries AND LIKELY WROTE HEBREWS, Lydia was a wealthy, successful businesswoman, a PASTOR and CHURCH PLANTER who was the first European known to accept Christ she along with Phoebe were leaders in the early church….

Come to think of it maybe Paige Patterson, Vision Forum and everyone is on to something.  The women today have indeed lost sense of biblical womanhood.  Could you imagine what the world would be like if every woman who follows Christ actually lived like these women did? (OR a if a few good men did too?)

Could you imagine a woman would shrewdly crush the head of a foreign general (either figuratively or literally, diplomatically)? Or could you imagine a woman so strong and wise that a general refuses to go to battle without her? Could you imagine if there was a woman like Esther who would go before the governments of nations where genocides, other hate crimes or gross human rights violations are happening and convince them to stop? Could you imagine if women would support their elderly, widowed family members like Ruth rather than sending them to nursing homes or griping about them?  Could you imagine if women of the world fought back against violence toward women and children like Tamar? Could you imagine if the women of the world embraced the children born unplanned or unwanted and yes some of them who felt called stayed home and cared for them as their profession and calling (love ya Mom!)? Could you imagine if women in nations where there is no freedom of religion quietly yet openly worshiped and ministered like the women at the tomb?  Could you imagine if women stepped up as leaders yes pastors, writers, prophets, ministers, teachers in places where there is no faith or where faith has died?

How different would our churches be?

How different would our families be?

How different would our world be?

Stand up with the woman who mothered our faith…. daughters, mothers and grandmothers, trample the lies that we have been told that devalue women in the name of God and…

speak. be. and share truth and grace with the world…that so desperately needs our loving, gracious, radical God.



One response to “This one is for the girls…

  1. You have very strong points and I’m with you in most of them. I have struggled outside of the realm too as a woman but have always loved Jesus and called Him my Lord. However its been a learning process too and I changed my thinking in many way (the self is a hard thing to give up even more than incorrect teaching). But more than anything I feel we must pray for the Holy Spirit that Jesus says He will send to give joy to our lives and our struggles, so we don’t get bitter. How can we attract people to Jesus if His followers are bitter people? The joy of the Lord is our strength so we can continue- and I’m definately not there yet, but I’m trying. God bless you Dr Amy, we need strong and godly teaching women in the world today.

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