Flame Away

Where is the bride of Christ? Surely this isn’t her,
Fist raised clutching a sandwich,
Shoving her judgement down their throats.
Hoisting the millionaires on golden thrones,
While the hungry watch on.

Surely if this is her, she will protest the injustice of a mentally ill man slated for execution in Texas.

Surely she will rise up in protest of the continued discrimination and dehumanization of black Americans in the South who are denied the right to traditional marriage by white congregants.

Surely se can be found raising her fisted nuggets in protest of the horrific hate crimes that are spreading around the country, including the beating of a Baptist teenager in Kentucky.

But where is she? Smug and satisfied, hung over from her tryptophan heavy support of traditional marriage, satisfied that she’d done her part, said her peace, and courageously defended the Kingdom of God.

For now, the mentally ill man could die.
For now, they could wait to be married.
For now, she could reason these crimes weren’t fueled by her vitriolic media bytes, and reason them to be anomalies…

For those who do not find her there…Who once rested safe beneath her veil..
Who feel as though we are strangers to the Bride,
Who only see hate, stonewalling, and disengagement,

When we, who for our “liberal” views on marriage, are called the whores of Babylon,

by God… Let it be so.


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