Stand Tall and Proud

Moment of reconciliation … Andrew Marin at the Chicago’s Pride Parade. Photo: Michelle at

Originally posted at Charting My Words

Just as a tree does not choose where it puts down it’s roots,
We cannot choose where ours reach down.

Listen to the whispers of hope that blow through the trees.
Train your ear to hear the echos of justice that bounce off the hills
but stall at the mountains that we most certainly have yet to conquer.

Stand tall and proud.

Raise your “liberal, hippie, pie-in-the-sky” branches
for those who seek refuge from discrimination,
who dream of freedom from oppressive ideology,
and for the ones who mourn the loss of individual rights,

that they might hopefully find rest
and comfort

alongside our broken,
misshapen, utterly imperfect,
Yet wildly passionate shade.