(originally posted on Charting my Words)

So much chaos, and running to and fro.
Confusion and weeping.
Screaming and running.

As the earliest rays of light touched the sky,
they set out for the graveyard.
Eyes puffy from the tears they’d shed,
hearts broken over the loss of their friend.
Delirious from lack of sleep,
hunger from the Sabbath day before
They’d been so consumed with Friday’s events
that no one had time to plan a Sabbath meal.

They’d sat together, unknowing what to do.
They’d sat in shock of what they’d witnessed.
They’d sat, stomach’s growling, hearts heavy, and unknowing.

And now, as the sun began it’s ascent,
they sprung into action.
They gathered their things, and began their walk.
Hoping to bring some closure to the awful events of the last few days.

An Earthquake,
An Angel,
A missing body,
screaming, running, hearing voices,
doubt, horror, nothing is right.

As darkness gives way to the dawning light,
the world tilts askew
The confusion of those first moments gives rise to panic.

A panic that has not just one, not two, but at least 5 people running.
First Mary, Mary, and Joanna (in another gospel, Salome as well).
Then Peter and John.

The screams and weeping are different from Friday’s.
This is sheer horror.
The body is gone. There is nothing there.
What the hell has happened?

In Mary’s sorrow, grief, hunger, and exhaustion
her old demons surface.
She has surely come unhinged, and her healer is no where to be found.
The panicked sobs choke her throat as she stumbles away from the tomb.
She falls to the ground, gasping, sobbing, weeping,
this is more than one person can handle.

She pulls her knees to her chest, her body racked with sobs,
covering her face, she lays down on the dew stained grass.
A tidal wave of emotions hits her over, and over again,
leaving her breathless.


She heard it, but ignores it, convinced it’s the voices returning.
She clasps her hands over her ears, and screams.


The voice comes again, softer, despite her attempts to drown it out with her screams.

“…why are you crying?”

She stops. For a moment there is nothing but the sound of her heart
beating and her head throbbing from crying and screaming.
She wipes at her face and sits up.

Her clothes now drenched with the morning’s dew, she opens her eyes.
When did the sun come up? How long had she been here crying?
She squints to see where the voice came from.

Seeing the shadow of a man against the now bright early sun,
she screams out,


Anger now rises in her, and she clenches her fists beside her,
ready to fight. She stands up…


She screams… her throat now raw with rage.
Blinking as her eyes adjust to the days brightness,
she begins to see beyond the shadows.


She pauses. A flutter in her heart hears something.
The world tilts again and nothing seems right…
She has heard that voice before. Her name… but it makes no sense.
No, it can’t be…
She rubs her eyes, now adjusted to the dawn’s light, she looks,
she sees.


She runs, she grasps, she clings, if she’s completely lost it
she doesn’t care. She can live with this craziness,
<em>this</em> is bearable.

She looks into his eyes, those same eyes as before, as he tells her to go.
Go tell the good news.
Go preach.
Go witness.
Go prophesy.


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