Dirty Hands

Alright, so I’ve been thrust back into the discussion surrounding Emergence and it’s implications on the inherited church within my own church. I’d sort of walked away from the discussion because I was utterly frustrated with the lack of conversation going on about the changes being experienced within Christianity. When I talked about it, I felt dismissed, or reduced to an idealistic Gen-X kid, who would grow out of it. However, questions still haunt me. Passions linger just under the surface, and the deep rooted desire to make a difference, to live a life worthy of the calling of Christ, has wrapped it’s arms around my heart and soul, and begged to be tended to. No longer can we sit back, and allow ourselves to be okay with simple charity, giving money to other organizations to do our work for us. We have to get in there and get our hands dirty.

No really… we have to wade into the filth, the stench, the reality of life, and face full on our own hypocrisy. We must face the reality that we are, indeed, privileged, and that our lives are not being lived as living testimonies to the call to love one another and care for one another. Our hands are sanitized, and our hearts lie sterile and unmoved. We have distanced ourselves from the needs of others, the problems they face, the mess of it all, so we might be comfortable. We sleep too well at night, unmoved by the hunger, the sickness, the utter depravity of our own soul that we only see reflected in other people. Far too often, we see the “other” as one to be ministered to, forgetting that it is in working with these people that we learn that the ministry often needs to occur within us. We are selfish and distracted, and it’s high time we wake up, walk out of our comfortable circles, and stick our hands in the shit of the world to understand that we, like everyone else, are filled to the brim with the ugliness of life, and that we are the ones that need saving.

So, let’s go… let’s get out there. Let’s get our hands dirty. It’s our own lives at stake here…


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