I don’t like Mark Driscoll.

I like Rob Bell including his new book. (not that new any more.)

Although I don’t think either of them are heretics or the end all of preachers.

I don’t really love Campus Crusade in fact it makes me cringe.

I don’t like George Bush all that much.

Although I don’t think Obama is the end all and be all.

I think women can be ministers. In fact some of the most influential ministers of my life are women.

I dont hate gay people.

I actually have very little in common with other white middle class 20 year olds who grew up in evangelical homes. Who Knew?

Growing up looking different makes you think different. Living in the lowest caste in society for periods of time (Eastern Europe) makes you realize most of us dont get a lot of choice in the cards we get dealt socioeconomically.   Trying to pretend like this didn’t happen to me is like being in high school and trying to fit in. I just can’t do it anymore.

I am not sure what I was thinking when I moved here and joined my current church but I think I was high on the novelty of a new adventure and didn’t read the fine print.  But now 18 months in, I realize, what the heck was I was thinking?

The timing is insane….I am in the mist of applying to mission agencies.  I need references. But I can’t live the lie any more.

So Monday, I am going to try something different, something very similar to the direction the community in NC I was a part of was going.  Its just dinner.  Near my home with people who like Jesus.  People from all walks of life, I can promise you I will be the only doctor although perhaps not the only disabled person.

And I am hoping that I can be a part of a faith community and have some integrity.

As for my references….Im not sure what to do yet. I am praying about it.

Pray for me.


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