The Broken Shell

Thank you Heidi, for asking me to write this.

photo by Tony Karp, an artist from Virginia

Through the storms and waves of life
that carry us from one year to another,
we are weathered, torn, and broken.
The life we once held so beautifully perfect, was fragile.
We have become aware of the fragments and shards that have fallen off,
and though we mourn the loss of the beauty that once was,
we must look deep within at the beauty that is.
The scars the hurricanes of life have carved deep in our shells.
The pieces of us given away to carry another through their own tough times.
Our imperfections become badges of honor,
and when we hold the broken shell of our lives up to the light,
seeing through to the inner soul,
let us not be troubled.
Let us be amazed at the life well lived.
Let us not mourn what is lost,
but rejoice for what IS…
the beautiful, fragmented shell of our souls,
cradled in a child’s hands as she calls out, “Mama! A beautiful shell!!!”


2 responses to “The Broken Shell

  1. What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing. Having lived many years, I have many holes in my shell but they only help to let more light into the depths of my soul. THANK YOU !!!!!

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