He’s Reportant!!!

His incredulous reaction to my statement nearly broke my heart. “Not everyone knows Jesus, baby,” I said. His eyes widened and he asked, brokenhearted, “But why!?” They refocused on the ceiling above us, and with heaviness, he says, “That’s bad, mommy. They need to know him.”

“Why?” I prod deeper, asking myself as well as him.

“Well…. because, he’s re-portant.” (He still says this, even though he knows the real word IM-portant, but it makes me smile still.)

“Why?” I ask, again asking myself more than him.

“Well… he loves us. He made the grass, the trees, he made everything. And they need to know that.”

And yes, a little child shall lead them… as he has led me into remembering the simplicity of my faith. The unashamed boldness to proclaim they everyone needs to know Jesus, because He’s re-portant. He is. And I need to remember that.


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