Trembling Thistle

Trembling Thistle blown by the wind
Does your mind race as mine?
Does your heart feel heavy for your heartbroken friends-
Or your soul feel empty and bare?

Trembling Thistle, bent to and fro
What song sits on your lips?
Do your arms reach up for the heavens above, yet..
Your feet keep you rooted in place?

Tell me, dear one, if you ever resent
The very things that give you life?
Do you wish to be free and fly in the wind,
Oh Thistle, You’re trembling so!

I’m told you’ve no worries bout what ‘morrow brings
Or what you’ll wear in the now
But watching you now as you bend with the breeze,
I feel as if you just might

Trembling Thistle that lies in my heart,
Be still and let the wind blow
Though your heart be breaking on the soulless dark nights
Raise your hands and give thanks for your roots.


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