Here we go agian..

I want to understand biblical womanhood…. not feminism or fundamentalism. I want a worldview that is not a reflection or deflection of our culture but rather of joyous redemption. Why does this have to be such a struggle?

I heard a sermon this weekend, the first sermon I had heard in a month, on biblical manhood. It was actually decent. He discussed how men have lost a sense of purpose, have a prolonged adolescence and a lost a sense of value for women and children. And frankly any pediatrician with half a brain has to affirm all of this.  But then at  the bitter end, it all went wrong.  The elder started talking about providing and dependents on his taxes and then he went there.  He said, “If given the choice nearly all women would stay at home and care for their children.”   I nearly stood up and marched out in a huff of self-righteousness as a young women physician not only for my own choices but because he had dove into the pool of fundamentalist, SBC BS clothed in biblical language.  What he intended was not nearly as important as what the congregation heard.

First I refer back to this from 2009 in which I previously spoke to the subject.   and then I echo my last paragraph…

Could you imagine a woman would shrewdly crush the head of a foreign general (either figuratively or literally, diplomatically)? Or could you imagine a woman so strong and wise that a general refuses to go to battle without her? Could you imagine if there was a woman like Esther who would go before the governments of nations where genocides, other hate crimes or gross human rights violations are happening and convince them to stop? Could you imagine if women would support their elderly, widowed family members like Ruth rather than sending them to nursing homes or griping about them? Could you imagine if women of the world fought back against violence toward women and children like Tamar? Could you imagine if the women of the world embraced the children born unplanned or unwanted? Could you imagine if women in nations where there is no freedom of religion quietly yet openly worshiped and ministered like the women at the tomb? Could you imagine if women stepped up as leaders yes pastors, ministers, teachers in places where there is no faith or where faith has died?

How different would our churches be?

How different would our families be?

How different would our world be?

…if every woman got up from the mud of our world that exploits women and their bodies and brushed off the dirt of centuries of fear and ignorance hidden in church tradition but lacking biblical substance and embraced her calling…whatever that calling may be from motherhood (yes even the stay at home kind…love ya MOM!) to ministry to beyond.

how desperate our world is for biblical womanhood….how desperate…

This is what I want.   I am tired of apologizing for my extra X chromosome or my kooky religion. I want to find a place where they can coexist as they were intended to in harmony.


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