Cold Monday Night Thoughts

I read this following and wept because it says everything my heart feels at the present moment.

Cold Monday Night Thoughts
by Justin Harvey

in some ways, my life is a mystery to me. a puzzle that i try not to overthink,
as the pieces often seem like they ought to fit and yet it sits on the card table
in the living room, the edges of each piece worn
from being forced into the wrong place and then abrubtly pulled back out.
it’s not terribly frustrating most of the time..
we all love a certain amount of mystery and challenge..
but, in quiet moments, when i look back over photos and memories
and dreams and successes and failures, it can feel a bit tiresome…
what i’m trying to say, i think, is:
God, would you sort this thing out?
i love the pieces you’ve given me, but i have a feeling the full picture would be something beautiful.


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