Let me Find You

In the stranger let me find You. Let me see where You are hiding.
In the face of my enemy, my friend, my reflection, let me find You.
Where I would turn away, let me run with open arms.
Where I would hide my eyes from suffering, let me take on an others burden.
Let me find You unexpectedly, wherever You may be.
When fear keeps me “safe”, let me risk pain.
When pride is my motivation, may I be humbled by another.
Though I seek to be a blessing, may I be the one who’s blessed.
In the last place I expect it, let me find You.
In a cattle trough, in a shitty barn, on a cold, dark night, with the roughest men,
As a bastard child to a teenage mother, with the dew quietly falling on your tiny newborn face…
Let me find You…
Let me Find You…


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