For some time now I haven’t blogged. I guess that’s pretty obvious. It’s not that I haven’t had any thoughts to write, it’s just finding the time to do everything. Between the moment I wake up and the moment I lay down, I find myself lost in the every growing dust cloud sent up by my hurried feet, attempting to be everything to everyone. It is only when I slow down, sit down, and look around, that I realize how often I miss out on the small moments in life in my hurry to get things done. I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, so it’s worth repeating, but life looks so different at 55 mph than it does walking. I think it’s time for me to slow down a little bit. Cut back on my “projects”, cook simple meals, sit down to play with my kids, breathe in the last warm breezes of summer, bask in the delight of my wonderful husband, listen, listen…. and listen…… just, for heavens sake… for Christ’s sake… for my soul’s sake… listen.


3 responses to “Listen

  1. Corinne, I loved reading your post today. Thank you. This afternoon Arwyn and I had 2 whole hours together on the balcony painting beautiful flat river stones we found Saturday. We ended up giving them to each other. It was a good time…and a needed time of bonding with my daughter. Thanks for listening this morning.
    Love Heidi

  2. Well-said, daughter mine. Those darlings will not be so needy in a few years, oh so much more independent. Enjoy them. . . . and take that time for yourself. Simple things = simple pleasures = blessed life. Love you! Mom

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