Holy Eucharist

The bread is passed, hand to hand, one to another. It is blessed by God, passed out amongst those of us gathered, and as each one of us takes a part, we turn, and give. As the 2 fish and 5 loaves were more than enough, perhaps there is a hidden miracle here. I’ve heard it said that perhaps the miracle of the feeding of the 5000 wasn’t the supernatural provision at the hand of Christ, but the miracle was in the original gift itself.

A child, willing to give up his meager meal for 5000 people. As it was being passed, perhaps others thought surely this won’t be enough, and each added in their part, taking the basket, taking the bread, adding their own, and passing it on. Thus the economy of Christ becomes one of outpouring, of sacrifice, and somehow, by some miracle, there is always enough… in fact, 12 baskets more than enough. What would this mean for our lives, if we are truly a part of the Eucharist?

As I receive the blessing, it becomes a part of me. It’s complex makeup nourishes and energizes my spirit. It is incorporated into the very fibers of my being. I am reminded of the Greatest Gift, not seemingly “big enough” to cover all the wrong, but inspired, I add in my own part, hoping to somehow make a difference. That person who needs a room to stay in, is welcomed into my home. Someone who needs forgiveness is forgiven. My belongings become communal, no longer my own, but a part of something bigger. And 1 loaf of bread later, I have inspired another to add in their meager scone, and another, their simple crumbs… and the miracle occurs anew, and before we know how, or why, or when it happened, there are 12 baskets overflowing with the goodness of our sacrifices, each of us having a part in the communal whole, and each part made equal in the end.

I think on these things as the sacrament is passed to me, and my eyes fill with tears. How easy for us to assume the understand all the mysteries of the stories of Christ, and how different life could be if we really “got it”. And so, I leave this place, my hands, my feet, my words, my actions, my everything, become an outpouring of His most generous gift… I become the vessel for which His sacrifice may be shared with others.

And thus, I become one with the Eucharist.


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