A Prayer for Lent

Many thanks to Roger Underwood at Knollwood Baptist for this prayer during yesterdays service. It spoke to my heart and put into words something I’ve long felt.

“Winter’s robe lies heavily upon my frozen heart
dare I pray for spring?
dare I ask for new life–
beyond my dreams, beyond all hope?
I see the signs, the willful green nudging into view
budding limbs, barely patient
awaiting release from winter’s dark pregnancy
I feel the signs within me, too
I fear these the most, God
I fear this new life you call me to explore

I fear the pain of growth
I cannot embrace your gift of resurrection
for I cannot risk the loss of myself
my hands can carry no nailprints, my forehead no scars
new life carries too high a price
the ice-fortress holds fast
I dare not cry

yet I feel your tears
gently, indomitably
the gift is given to us all
life is…

such love breaks my heart

yours was broken for all you children

I taste my own tears
dear God,
dare I pray for spring?” –
Chalice Worship, Colbert Cartwright


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