Today marks one of the happiest days of my short lived life thus far. 5 years ago today, I stood before a gathering of people I very much love, who’d cared for me over the years, supported my personal and spiritual growth. I’d just walked the aisle with my father, who from my infancy, had been not only an amazing father, but a wonderful pastor. My mother sat just behind me, beaming, comfortable where she was, where she’d always been, backing me up, supporting me, and cheering me on. Beside my father, stood Forrest.

Words alone cannot describe the fullness of that moment, the emotions, the smells, the sights, the sounds, all of it reaching a feverish pitch as the walking stopped, and we stood there at the front of the church. My heart was racing, and my mind a blur as our family friend, Jim, asked who gave this woman to be wed to this man. I heard my father say, “Her mother and I” and suddenly, I was being led, as though on a cloud, and my hand was joined with Forrest’s.

That moment will be burned forever into my mind. The rest of the ceremony was a blur, the majority of my thoughts turning to the man whose hand I held and the life we’d have together. I’d close my eyes and try to picture the life we’d have together. I knew it would be a happy one, full of ups and downs, but happy.

I could not imagine then that 5 years later, we’d be where we are now. That we’d be waking up some mornings with two toddlers asleep in our arms, and a third, sleepily waking in the womb, announcing its presence through various kicks and jabs. That I’d look over to the man I’d been married to 5 years later, still sleeping, and close my eyes, and wonder where the last 5 years had gone… and smile. My heart full of joy and happiness, I look back to that moment on the alter, trying as I might to imagine our life 5 years out, and to be here now… and to see how amazing my life with him is, I could not have imagined it any better.

Forrest, you have enriched my life so much more than you even know. I am so thankful that 5 years ago today, we made the commitment to one another… that we said yes to the challenges of marriage and a life together. God has blessed me… blessed us! and for that I am thankful! I only hope the next 5 years hold as much wonder, joy, expectation, and fullness of life as the last 5 have. I love you so much more than words will ever express.

Happy Anniversary!!


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