I LOVE TRAFFIC and other stories

When my sister and I were in Romania two years ago we had a running joke about how much I (we) LOVE TRAFFIC!!!  Bucharest is filled with traffic. In the communist era there were quotas on cars and folks would sign up years in advance before being allowed a car. Now in the new Romania everyone who is anyone is buying a car because anyone can now.  The result is constant traffic everywhere  even on public it takes hours at times to get any where.  The buses/trams are incredibly crowed and hot. It frustrated and worried us terribly (of getting mugged, being late and dying of heat stroke) at first  but then we stepped away from it and realized that this is what we had right now. We started to look at all the things we could do with it.  Our daily commutes became our chance to pray, catch up with each other, dream, people watch, minster to the beggars who rode beside us at times  and journal.  It became one of our favorite times of the day. And we made the best of it and not entirely cynically  we would say on particularly long trips or crazy crossings of a big street on foot I LOVE TRAFFIC.

Contentment is something I struggle with.  Being content with waiting on God or wait on public transport or simply being happy with I have at that given moment. Its so easy to give into complaining or whining about what I wish could happen faster or what I wish I had or what I wish could be different.  There are so many things I want and so few things that I don’t have that I actually I need.  You go to any book store and you will find oodles of books about finding peace and contentment.  And there are a great variety of such books in the religion section alone from prosperity gospel to physics to magic formulas, but no ONE HAS AN ANSWER….

God provides in his own time, his own season and his own way or so we are taught in church.   But how do we learn to wait, to trust. Oswald Chambers says the most important word Christ ever spoke to his disciples was abandon.

What does abandon truly look like?  Can we truly be joyful and grateful for what we have and live in the moment? Can we drop everything and truly live with abandon? Reckless abandon??

So different from what our culture tells us…and in the end I think thats the key. Its recklass abandon of what wer are told to worry about, told we should want and need for instead embracing what we have and what God has for us.

I am not sure what that looks like exactly but I am praying God coninutes to show me.


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