Simple Words

Sunday, as I walked into the bathroom to put on my makeup, where sat my son, trying his hardest to potty in the big boy potty.  I walked in, smiled at him, and turned to the mirror to apply my makeup.  Suddenly, his quiet voice sang out, “Mommy, you’re beautiful!”

I looked at him in stunned silence.  Then suddenly, from the depths of my heart, welled up an unexplainable joy.  My son, full of innocence, yet wiser than his mere 2 years would assume, without any prompting from anyone, burst forth with this nugget of truth. And in that moment, I heard the chorus of angels, and the voice of God, telling me again what he’d been telling me all these years, that I’d refused to believe.  I am beautiful.  For the moment, those simple words have burst forth in the forefront of my thoughts, and my days are empty of the anxiety and endless vanity they once held.  I’m sure I’ll need reminding again… but for now….

I am beautiful.


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