Stiching Prayers

As my family has been searching for ways to curb our holiday spending, we’ve come across some very creative ideas.  I’ve been slaving over the sewing machine, and Forrest has hibernated in the basement in his studio creating collages.  As I was up late last night putting the finishing touches on a project, I found myself wondering if the person for whom I was making the gift would appreciate the effort that went into it.  I suppose I’m cynical because I’ve been on the receiving end of handmade gifts before, and I know what my attitude has been… come on, you know what I’m saying… you inwardly groan, force a smile and mumble your thanks.  As I thought through this last night, I was struck with how horrible my attitude has been, and how I’d missed the true gift… the gift of time that the person had poured into their creation.  I silently prayed a prayer for forgiveness for the selfishness that hides in my heart, and confessed my idolization of consumerism.  My prayer today is that those who receive each of our handcrafted gifts, they will know the love that was poured into each and every gift… that they will know that for the duration of that project, every stitch, every detail… represents a thought and prayer for them, that they were lifted up before the Most High.


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