Quote of the day

“We see America as the greatest force for good in this world,”  Gov. Sarah Palin (sidenote, any comments apply to both parties)

Perhaps I’m just a tad sensitive to this issue lately, but um… don’t most Christians see God as the greatest force for good in the world?  Perhaps a close second Jesus? But America?  Really? We can’t even do good here at home, how can we expect to go anywhere else to do good?

*Grrrrrr…. Okay, I’m stepping down of the soap box.


2 responses to “Quote of the day

  1. agreed!!! i think the part that really got me was, if i’m correct the quote was something like, “barack obama is different from people like you and me who see America as the greatest force for good in the world; he pals around with terrorists who would seek to harm America on her own soil.” or something like that. pretty infuriating really. i heard the mccain campaign is going to be focusing on “character” for the remainder of the campaign. AKA: we know we’re screwed when talking about issues so we’re going to revert to swiftboat tactics so that we can hopefully grasp at straws to change someone’s mind about obama’s trustworthiness, even though all the polls show that just turns independents off and makes everyone hate us more.
    sorry i know you have a very dignified and intelligent blog going here, i just have to put my two cents of frustration in!

  2. You proceed on flawed reasoning.

    If God is so busy doing things here on earth WITHOUT the use of cooperating human agents, then why is the election of Obama so important?

    If God is using human agents here on earth, then don’t chastise Palin for thinking a thing to which reason and history lend serious support.

    There is no disagreement whether it is God who both wills and works His good pleasure in us. So that when I extend a cup of cool water to the flagging and thirsting man in the street it really is God working in me, and it really is Jesus to whom I extend my hand.

    But again, when we ask where the bulk of those working for God hands reside, well, you know, Palin was right.

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