Crushing Silence

In my county alone, 13.6% of the population are living at the poverty level ($21,200 or less for a family of 4).

There are 488 homeless people, including children in our county.

There are 48,000 uninsured people.

The unemployement rate is sitting at 6.9% (and that was July’s rate).

The numbers are staggering.  I sat and listened tonight as a wonderful lady shared her heart for helping those in crisis.  She spoke of grace, of love, of mercy, of helping one another out when times are tough.  Her presentation stirred anew in me thanksgiving for all that I have been blessed with. I was reminded of my dreams of community living, of opening a hospitality house, of opening my home to those less fortunate than I, of helping people, extending arms of grace and mercy outward into the darkness that chokes and robs people of joy and of life. I was energized and ready to put feet to those visions, and still, sitting in the quiet of my living room, wrestle with how to actually begin the journey.  These dreams take time to flesh out, and I must remind my hurried, impulsive heart to sit in the silence and pray for guidance.  To seek God in the crushed silence.


2 responses to “Crushing Silence

  1. There are so many opportunities…where to start, where to start. Those statistics were definitely staggering. I was floored.

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