As I sit to type and mentally roll around the events of the past few days, trying to see how God is at work, I’m stuck, as I seem to have hit an awkward bump in the road.  The bump we call honesty. As Christians, we espouse true honesty, yet few of us live lives of honest interaction with our brothers and sisters. Someone hurts our feelings? We bury our pain, and allow it to simmer and rot until it begins to decay and errode away our friendships. We feel compelled to share truth with someone, yet out of fear, we hide the truth. Tucked away in our heart and mind out of the light of God’s grace, it begins to wither and fade, until at last, choked of all power, it dies.  And we wonder why people scratch their heads and throw around words such as “hipocrite” when they encounter todays Christians.

Honesty and truth are both very beautiful things, but they do not come easy, and they don’t come without a price.  There are times when our honesty can hurt, and we must take care to lovingly and gently share truth with one another.  There are times when what we have come to understand as truth is proven false through sharing our feelings with one another.  Without such sharing, our truth is only subject to our own interpretation.  Such a safe place to keep our feelings, not having to change or consider another point of view.

I share this because I have been blessed to have a friend who not only shares truth with me, but expects truth of me.  It isn’t always easy to tell her how I truely feel, but I find that the times I do, despite the awkward days that may follow, our friendship somehow emerges stronger.  If what is said is done so in love and with gentleness, and we understand that we are a fallen people, subject to being wrong, we will begin to see our lives become transformed by love and by truth.  This is true of my friend.  In the past 6 months, she has helped me learn to trust friendship again, and has encouraged me to be transparent.  Granted, neither of us are perfect, nor do either of us have it all figured out, but we are striving together to allow Christ to transform our friendship.  I love this friend dearly, and though there are times where I’m very wrong, or way off base, or I say something that may hurt her feelings, I trust that there is enough love there to pull us through… because our friendship is centered on the love of our redeemer.  It is not in my power to always do the right thing or say the right thing, but it is in my power to allow God to forgive, to redeem, and to bless each and every friendship I enter into.


3 responses to “Truth

  1. what I find challenging is how to have that level of truth with my non-believing friends (which is most of my post-ugrad friends minus you folks)….I love them and we have deep beautiful friendships but its harder to have level of honesty with them or maybe its me, its probaly me i fear making them uncomfortable and sometimes I avoid the truth in love…

  2. the truth really sucks sometimes but we still, by the grace of God, emerge stronger. i love having you for a friend, even if we hurt each others feelings sometimes. thanks for your honesty…how’s about no drama for a while huh?

  3. Beautiful post! I am always inspired by how well you “do” relationships. Not to generalize, but women seem to do it so much better than men! Your willingness to embrace the messiness, take the risks, and make yourself vulnerable are so inspiring.

    So many times we simply take the easy way out rather than re-expose ourselves to the hurt that caused an initial wound. I love the metaphor of re-breaking a bone to set it in a more favorable position for healing. Very similar to what you say here: it can be hard and painful, but in the end we’re stronger for it.

    Thanks for the insight!

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